How to force display of a Single Page Invoice when Debtor to Charge is in use

This page outlines how to force a Single-Page Invoice when the Debtor to Charge is different to the Debtor. By default, when the Debtor to Charge differs from the Debtor, the Invoice will be split onto 2-Pages, regardless of the Single Page Invoice settings within FBO One. This is hard-coded and therefore the changes must be made to the RDL Invoice/Receipt to override this.


  • download and open in Report Builder the invoice/receipt RDL template

  • add a calculated field to the InvoiceLine query, field that always returns TRUE

    • in case of invoices, the newly added calculated field will always return TRUE

    • in case of receipts, the newly added calculated field will always return FALSE because the InvoiceLine query is empty and contains no lines

  • The new calculated field will be replacing all instances of the existing IsSinglePageInvoice field (shown below in Cyan, are all the areas in which this field appears).

  • An RDL template example can be downloaded from here: