How to specify Delivery Date/Time format on-screen

For some services, a delivery date/time can be specified. By default, the Order screen shows these displayed in both UTC and Local times:

This may now be tailored on a per FBO location and/or per Product basis, in order to meet local preferences.

Available Settings










Displays delivery date/time in both UTC and LT - Same as default (on-screen only)



Shows delivery date/time in local time only (order screen only)



Displays delivery date/time in UTC only (order screen only)



Displays delivery date/time based on the user account settings. This may therefore be either UTC or LT depending on the user account 'display time' setting



Hides the delivery date/time entirely from the Order Screen

FBO Location Setting

When the setting is used on a per location basis, it is set using the field 'Service delivery date/time display':


NOTE: This field, by default, is left blank and will then show both UTC and LT on the Order Screen.

Product Setting

The setting is also found within the add/edit product screen. By default, the field is again blank.

  • When both the FBO Location setting and the Product setting are left blank, the delivery date/time will show on the order screen in both UTC and LT.

  • When the product setting is left blank but the FBO Location setting is present, this will be the format displayed on the Order screen.

  • When both the product, and FBO Location contain a setting, the product-specific setting overrides the FBO Location setting.

NOTE: Where multiple FBO Locations exist and products are shared across locations, the product level setting is location-specific

The product setting allows for different products to display delivery date/time in different formats:

NOTE: These settings control the display of the delivery date/time within the FBO One Order screen only and will not affect what is shown on the Handling Confirmations or anywhere else: