Australian GST Calculator


When the Australian GST Calculator is configured, it will automatically select to apply or exempt GST in most cases.

In order to override the GST charges on the Departure and/or the Arrival services, the following steps have to be made:

  1. Select "Edit order"

2. Select the applicable override setting for "Arrival GST" or "Departure GST"

3. Select OK


To Configure the GST calculator, the following steps have to be made

1. Create ''VAT Rule Group" for the applicable Administration

  • Select the "Australian GST Calculator" as the "VAT Calculator"
  • "Default VAT-payment-type for debtors" should be set  to "Controlled by VAT calculator

2. Create GST codes

  • Create two VAT codes, when not already there
    • GST 10%
    • GST 0%

  • Set the "VAT code for AOC VAT exemption" for the applicable Administration to the "GST 0%" VAT code

  • Assign the GST 10% to all applicable products

3. Create GST custom values

  • Create two custom properties
    • "Arrival GST" property
    • "Departure GST" property
  • For both custom values, create two custom values
    • Force exempt
    • Force GST
  • Link both custom properties to the "Order" table