How to copy an existing user for the same access

Copying existing users is the fastest way for creating users that should have the same authorizations and access

Note: Admin user access to the Users (Administration) is required.



  1. Navigate to Users (Administration) page

  2. Search for the existing user that’s to be copied for the new user - check ‘Roles granted’ to be sure the access is correct.

  3. Press the ‘copy’ link to on the row to copy the user, creating a new user in the process. Note: Clicking multiple times will create multiple new user copies.

  4. The newly copied user should now appear as a second row, click ‘Edit’ to change the user to the correct details

  5. The following details should be changed and amended:

    1. User name - this will take the copied user with (copy) suffix added.

    2. Full name - the correct name of the new user for audit log purposes

    3. Password - this should be corrected to the user’s password, otherwise, the user will not be able to log in. This can be changed via the ‘Change password’ function after login.

    4. Group member passcode - change this text if the user is part of a group user where they need to add their own passcode for audit purposes

    5. Email - if applicable this should be changed.

  6. Check the ‘Groups’ table for the user and assign the new user to any group users they should be part of. Note: this will not copy from the original user.