How to add a recovery email for reset password for a user

A recovery email can be added to a private user to allow for self-serve password reset via email.

Note: Ensure AllowForgottenPasswordRecovery is set to ‘TRUE’ in Application Settings to enable password recovery.



Enable the forgotten password function

Navigate to Application Settings and set AllowForgottenPasswordRecovery to ‘True’,

Password recovery is now enabled and will be shown on the login page

Add recovery email to users

  • Recovery emails when added to a user allows self recovery of password from the login page.

  • Recovery emails are unique per user and must be a single email only.

  • Password reset currently is for Private users only, Group users will not be allowed to reset even if recovery email is added.

  • Without a recovery email the user will not be able to reset their password via the login page.

  1. Navigate to Users (Administration) page, and click the ‘Edit’ for a user you want to add the recovery email to.

  2. Add a single email to the ‘Recovery Email’ field and click the ‘Save’ button. The user will now be able to reset their password via email from the login page.

  3. Repeat for each user that should be allowed to reset their password. Note: for batch updating, multiple users' recovery email, contact for assistance.