How to setup and use the Order 'Quick Create' feature

This feature was introduced to FBO One in March 2018 and allows for Orders to be created much more quickly.
Users no longer have to pass via the 'Create Order' screen, instead, they may use the Planboard search which determines whether the Registration exists, or whether it is new. If the Registration already exists in FBO One, Users will be given the option to create a new order. If it does not, they will be given the option to create a new registration (if user rights permit).


In the below example, the Registration VPCCL was searched using the Planboard search box. No Order matches are found and the 'Quick-Create' Order creation options are displayed.

This method not only ensures that Users search the planboard to ensure no duplicate orders exist, but it also allows them to create Orders quickly and easily without having to select 'Create Order', followed by the Order type.
Searching the Aircraft then selecting the Order type required, will either create an 'Instant' blank order (see below for more details), or re-direct users to the 'New Order' screen whereby the Aircraft details are already pre-filled.


The 'Quick-Create' feature requires setup via 'Administration > Quick create order'

Use the 'Add new' button to begin.

The fields 'Is for home based operators' and 'Custom Value' are optional and allow definition of when a specific 'Quick-create' Order type is visible. 
For home-based, when the box is checked, this type will only show when an Aircraft is labelled as home-based.
The 'Custom Value' field may be used to show a specific Quick-Create Order type only when an A/C is labelled with a specific custom value

It is only mandatory here to fill out either the 'Initial Start transition' or the 'State' field. These define how the Order's should be created.

Using the 'Initial Start transition' field here, will mean that Users will be directed to the regular 'Create Order' screen straight from the Ops screen and without having to go via 'Create Order' from the Menu bar.
The 'Initial Start transition' entered here can be the same as those found in the Order Workflows screen and setup for the 'Create Order' screen.

Use the 'Name' field to override the text as shown in the 'Initial start transition' field. This allows for the name of the button to be overridden

Using the 'State' field during setup, allows for an 'instant' order to be created i.e. the Create Order screen is not displayed at all.

Instead, when the User selects the 'Quick' order type (this should be reflected using the 'Name' field during setup) the Order is created with the Registration only and all Flight/Order details should then be entered later.

The 'Quick Create Handling Order' option was used to create the below Order.
By default, the order does not have any flight legs as yet, and shows 'Non-Flight'.

Clicking on the Grey arrow highlighted above, allows for the flight legs to be added.
Un-check the 'Is Non-Flight' box to indicate that this Order has flight legs, then enter the Arrival/Departure dates/times:

NOTE: The 'Is Actual' check boxes may be used to indicate that timings are 'Actual' Arrival/Departure times (ATA/ATD) when Movement messages are not in use.
The display of these check boxes is controlled by an Administrational setting

Once added, the Arrival/Departure legs will become visible at the foot of the Order. Additional flight details can then be added as usual using the Grey arrows adjacent to each flight leg.