2017 UI: Setting up the Quick-add Services buttons

Within the new Order screen, it's possible to 'Find' and add services by searching. 

Quick-add services:

To greatly speed up the service adding process, a few of the most commonly used services may be setup for 'Quick-add'. This avoids the need to manually search each time for the most used services.

Setting up and maintaining 'Quick-add' services

Navigate to: Administration > OPS Screen > Order layout / Quick Products

  • Use the 'Add new' button to create the 'Name' of the Handling screen layout.

Note: Whereby multiple locations are handled by FBO One, this should contain the FBO Location Name also - for ease of maintenance.

  • Once the 'Handling screen layout' has been created, use the 'Add new' button beneath the section 'Products available for quick-add in the handling screen' section, to begin adding the Quick-add Services.
    • Ensure that 'select' is clicked to ensure that the correct layout is being edited (only relevant if more than one layout exists) 
  • For Products that use a Workflow, use the 'Product start transition' field to determine in which workflow state the product should be added.
  • For Products that do not use a Workflow, the 'Product' field should be used.  

Continue adding the desired Quick-add services, using the 'Add new' button. 

Note: Only add the most frequently used services, as adding too many may clutter the Order screen.

Once the Quick-add list is complete, it must be assigned to the relevant FBO location.

Navigate to: Administration > FBO Locations

  • Click 'Select' and then 'Edit' to the relevant location:

  • Once the FBO Location's 'Edit' screen is opened, scroll down to the field 'Default Handling Layout' field and assign the relevant layout (as seen / created above)

Once saved, the listed services will be shown adjacent to the 'Find' service section of the Order screen automatically.