2017 UI: Assigning Icons and Colours to highlight Order-related Custom Values


Many FBO's use Order related Custom values which show up on the Order screen when relevant.
These are sometime over-looked by Users as they don't necessarily stand-out on the Order screen.

For this reason, Icons and colours may be assigned to specific Custom Values in Order for them to be made more visible within the Order.
In the below example, a Blue Paw-print icon has been assigned to indicate when the 'SkyPets' custom value is in use. A Yellow Flame has been used to indicate when the Fire Cat Upgrade Custom Value is in use:


This feature can be setup via Administration > Custom Values.
Use the 'Edit' button adjacent to the relevant Custom Value and select one of the available icons.
In the 'Icon Colour' field, enter the HTML Colour Code that should be assigned to the icon. Be sure to prefix the code with the hash-tag sign #

NOTE: Available icons can be found under Administration > Ops Category Icons - for more details see manual page 2017 UI: Assigning Ops Planboard Icons to Products

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