Order & Invoice Template Variables

As of early 2018, the 'Accounts Receivable' data has been moved from FBO Locations settings to the Administration Settings:

The available Order & Invoice Variables are as follows:

  • Administration.AccountsReceivableName 
  • Administration.AccountsReceivableVatNo 
  • Administration.AccountsReceivableAddressLine1 
  • Administration.AccountsReceivableAddressLine2 
  • Administration.AccountsReceivableZipCode 
  • Administration.AccountsReceivableCity 
  • Administration.AccountsReceivableCountry (country.DisplayName()) 
  • Administration.AccountsReceivableCountryCode (country.Code)

These may be inserted for use in the following areas (settings) which are found under Application Settings and FBO Location Settings:

  • HandlingOrder-Footer
  • HandlingOrder-SummaryInfo
  • BatchInvoice-SummaryInfo
  • BatchInvoice-Footer

These variables may also be used into the Email body for Invoicing template

For more details on where each of the above mentioned settings appears on the Handling Order / Invoice see: Receipt Report Page


Go to Administration > Administrations and select the relevant Administration, then 'Edit'.


Scroll down to the Accounts Receivable fields and fill out the details as necessary

The above mentioned variables should be inserted under the necessary settings

These will then populate on the respected document Invoice and/or Handling Order

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