Kansai Airport Parking Calculator

The Kansai Airport Parking Calculator calculates the parking duration between arrival and departure in minutes and then breaks down the total duration in to the required unit e.g per 15 Minutes. 

It also takes into account the parking price category (parking stands) and any unassigned parking duration (this can be managed by using the "IncludeUnassignedTime" setting).

Parking duration during airport closure hours are excluded from the total duration e.g closure between 23:00 and 06:00. 

The following parking calculator settings are supported:

  • ChargingInterval=hh:mm (default is 15 minutes)
  • FreeParkingMinutes=number (default is 360 minutes)
  • RoundingMethod=name (default Ceiling)
  • AirportOpenTime=hh:mm (by default it uses the airport opening list)
  • AirportCloseTime=hh:mm (by default it uses the airport opening list)
  • NightStartTime=hh:mm (default "22:00")
  • NightEndTime=hh:mm (default "06:00")
  • IncludeUnassignedTime=boolean (default true)

Note: The calculator has support for a period of maximum 2 years between arrival and departure dates.
Note: For performance reasons, if the airport opening list has the same daily schedule (e.g open daily from 06:00 to 23:00), we recommend using the AirportOpenTime=06:00 and AirportCloseTime=23:00 settings instead of  using the default Administration / Airport Opening List records.
Note: See the test cases

Product & Calculator Settings

  • Product Required: e.g. Parking Fees CR
  • Kansai Airport Parking Calculator - Settings: IncludeUnassignedTime=false;FreeParkingMinutes=360;AirportOpenTime="06:00";AirportCloseTime="22:00";NightStartTime="22:00";NightEndTime="06:00"

  • The airport opening list

  • Parking areas and positions