Grouped fuel tickets

What are they?

It can be that two trucks are needed for refueling an aircraft (one for each aircraft wing tank) or more than one fuel trucks is needed for completing the uplift. In this scenario,FBO One looks at the fuel tickets time and combines them if the uplift time is within 1 hour for the same aircraft. The time interval is configurable via Administration / Stock keeping units page / Maximum timespan for grouping fuel tickets.

Note: fuel related taxes that are calculated based on each normalized fuel ticket volume like 'ltr at 15C'  and show separate on the invoice for each fuel ticket.

When are they needed?

The grouping is done mainly for pricing tiers. The fuel debtor and the FBO would regard the refueling as one service, regardless of the number of tickets generated.
To apply different pricing tiers, FBO One groups the fuel tickets and considers the overall fuel volume when applying a discount or charging a minimum uplift fee.

Discount based on fuel volume

Discount based on overall fuel volume. Grouped fuel tickets

This example shows a 25% discount is applied for the overall fuel quantity.

Discount based on each separate fuel ticket

In this example, each fuel ticket has a 20% discount. This is opposed to the grouped tickets example where the overall volume drives a 25% discount 

Minimum uplift fee 

The system is able to calculate the amount needed for bringing up the uplift amount to a minimum charge. This is done by using a product Minimum uplift product that is setup with the Price calculator 'Minimum charge calculator'. This product needs to be a child product of the fuel tree and must have a higher priority for price calculation than other child services. Also a relative price agreement is needed as below. 


Minimum uplift fee for grouped fuel tickets with amount bellow 200 USD

In this example, the minimum uplift fee applies to the overall group volume to bring the total amount up to 200 USD

Minimum uplift fee for grouped fuel tickets with amount above 200 USD

In this example the overall amount is above the minimum fee, therefor no extra charge is being added.

Minimum uplift fee on separate fuel tickets

If tickets are not grouped, the minimum fee applies to each fuel tickets