How to handle collapsed product groups


In FBO One it is possible to collapse group products in order to hide certain child products on the invoice.

Prior to version 3974.53 it was only possible to collapse an entire group and not parts of the group. This would cause the child products to no longer appear in the services report as well and therefore also not in the export file to the accounting system. Also the supplier invoices were no longer visible in the services report. Revenue reports were also no longer able to make a distinct between third party services and the disbursement fees. 

To re-enable this, version 3974.53 has replaced the ‘Collapse Group’ check box with a drop down box containing 3 values: Expanded, Collapsed Customer Invoice and Reports, Collapsed on Customer Invoice Only.


The default Expanded configuration:

The ‘Expanded’ nomination replaces the default unchecked ‘Collapse Group’ box and therefore has the products shown on the invoice as well as all reports individually.

The Collapsed Customer Invoice and Reports configuration:

The ‘Collapsed Customer Invoice and reports’ nomination only shows the parent product group with the subtotal amount. In this configuration the relative price agreements remain visible as well, as they provide a relative amount based on the group sub total amount.

This hides the child products from all reports (including the ‘supplier invoice’ report) and prevents the lines from being exported.

NOTE: Only relative amounts are still visible in this configuration (percentages). If the Admin fee would have been a fixed amount, it would not be visible in this configuration but be a part of the group sub total.

The Collapsed on Customer Invoice Only configuration:

The ‘Collapsed on Customer Invoice Only’ is the new behavior that will hide the child products and any relative prices from the invoice, but will still allow them to be seen in reports such as the ‘supplier invoice’ report. In addition to this, the lines may be exported even if they are not shown on the invoice.


Step 1 – Use the search box to go to the parent product of the product tree e.g Catering Group.

Step 2 – Click the ‘Edit this product’ button.

Step 3 – Scroll down to the ‘Grouping’ section and identify the Collapse group drop down box.

Step 4 – Select the required value.

Step 5 – Click the ‘Ok’ button to save the change.

Step 6 (optional) – Check the result by going to the reports page and running a supplier invoice report.

For testing purposes use the report filters to select a wide range in order to ensure the report covers a period with supplier invoices for the specified product.