Activate Order third party services via Flight Bridge

When using script to add Flight Bridge products in multi location systems, be sure before running the script to be working in the same location as the FboLocationShortName in the script. Otherwise, the Flight Bridge products will be added as active for the designated location in the script, plus will show for the 'Home' location as inactive. 

Activate script
using ServiceStack;
using System.Linq;
using System;
using S = FboOne.Scripts.FlightBridge.ActivateFlightBridgeThirdPartyServices;
using FboOne.ServiceModel;

public class Script
  public void Main()
      var config = new S.Config { 
            FboLocationShortName = "AMS", 
            FbOperatorCode = "XYZ", // replace with actual code from Flight Bridge
			FbLocationId = "12345", // replace with actual code from Flight Bridge
            SyncCrewPax = FlightBridgeSyncPaxCrewTypeEnum.CrewAndPax,            
            CreateProducts = true,
            AddToQuickListProducts = true
      var configJson = config.ToJson();
      var s = new S(); 

By default the script is setting up the Flight Bridge identifiers and it is creating 4 products with a workflow that can be used for ordering catering, car service, car rental and hotel.

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