Supplier invoices (Back office)

The Supplier Invoice feature allows for effective tracking of amounts due for 3rd Party services which should be billed back to clients. 

  • It also ensures that any un-billed amounts are clearly visible making it easier for these to be identified and followed up.
  • It will reduce data entry for the back office staff, because the 3rd party charges need to be entered only once. They will appear automatically on the sales invoices, as well as on the supplier invoices. Both sales orders and supplier invoices can be exported to your accounting system.


A provider of Crew transportation issues an Invoice to you on a monthly basis, and each service is referenced to a particular aircraft or client.

The Invoice number and total can be recorded in FBO One, then, every time an amount from this Invoice is billed on to a client, the unassigned amount will lower accordingly, ensuring that all amounts are accounted for.

To record this Invoice within FBO One, you must first assign one of the amounts to an Order.

For the purpose of this example we will use GLAST. This order is in the 'Front Office File Approved' state and is found in the Back Office, with the service 'Crew Transport' awaiting a price. In this screen we can also see that three other orders are awaiting prices for Crew transport, which also feature on the above Supplier Invoice.

Clicking on the Service which is awaiting a price, will take us to the Service listed on the chosen Order where we can begin by assigning the Supplier Invoice.

In this screen the following details should be entered:

Sales Price Section: The Price at which the FBO will re-bill the service 

In this example, this is the same as the amount featured on the Supplier Invoice - €150 For each of the services 

Supplier Invoice Section: This section relates to details found on the relevant Supplier Invoice

To begin, enter the Invoice number (i.e. 9876543 as shown on the above invoice). If this is a new Invoice, the mention 'This is a new Invoice' appears to the right of the field to indicate this.

Next, the Invoice date should be entered followed by the Invoice total amount, and the Supplier Invoice Unit price.

Note: Using the 'Copy unit price and total amount from pricing' button in the Supplier Invoice section, will assume that the total amount featuring on the Supplier Invoice matches the Sales Price shown above. This may be the case for services such as Catering whereby an itemized Invoice may be issued for each individual flight.

Clicking OK will save the Supplier Invoice to the Back Office and will return you to the Order screen where the Unit Price has been attributed to the order.

Clicking on the underlined Invoice number in the above screen, will direct you to the Supplier Invoice screen in the Back Office.

This screen can also be accessed by clicking on the Invoice number under the Supplier Invoices tab in the Back Office. Under this tab, all supplier Invoices can be found. The filters to the left of this screen can be used to define which Invoices you wish to view. Checking the boxes to the left of each Invoice will display the Invoice amounts. To the right of each Invoice, the 'Assigned' and 'Unassigned' Invoice balances are shown.

Each individual supplier Invoice can once again be viewed by clicking on the Invoice Number. 

Note: On each subsequent order to which the Supplier Invoice applies, the Unit price and Invoice number should be entered, and the Invoice date & total amount should then populate automatically.

In the above image, two more amounts featuring on our Supplier Invoice have now been accounted for. The total amount unassigned is €700, assigning the remaining Supplier Invoice Amounts to the relevant orders will bring the Unassigned amount down to 0,00, thus balancing the Invoice as shown below.

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