How to create a CSV report using RDL template

Prior to 18-July-2018 RDL based reports could only be exported in Word, Excel or PDF. As of 18-July-2018 the export formats have been extended to include Comma-seperated values (CSV) thus allowing users to create CSV files at a systems application level and without any assistance from software developers.

Building a RDL template based report to export in CSV

In order to export the report to CSV file you will be required to add/upload the RDL template and to define the "RDL report output format" as CSV.

Optional configuration settings

Configuration settings can be entered in the Data Provider Settings section of the used query, each setting delimited from the other by a semi colon character, for example: Separator="|";FileName="order-services.csv"

Separator (default = ",") - you can specify a different separator from the default "," one. Don't forget to place the desired separator between ""

FileName (default = "<REPORT_NAME>.csv") - you can specify the output file name with or without extension. If extension is not specified the default "csv" extension is added. Don't forget to place the desired separator between ""

ShouldQuote (default = not specified, possible values: TRUE or FALSE)

  • default = NULL (when it is not specified as a data provider setting) => this way only padded fields get quoted

  • TRUE => means that each field is between quotes

  • FALSE => no field is quoted

Run the report the report to check the result

As expected the report output is a CSV file with given or custom file name using a given or the custom separator:

In this case the file name is the one mentioned in the data provider settings and the separator as well.