IP Whitelist query

The IP Whitelist data provider will give information on granted IP addresses along with associated login attempt details. 

Upon running a report using the IP whitelist data provider, all entries are returned despite the status. 

Filter parameters

It is possible to filter the login attempts made within a give date range. All IP whitelist entries are shown, but only associated login attempts within the given date range are retrieved.

The filter parameters are optional and if not specified, all IP whitelist entries and linked login attempts are retrieved. (please note that this could cause a significant increase in report generation time depending on the number of retrieved entries and the complexity of the RDLtemplate)

Optional settings

IncludeUnusedIPWhitelists (bool; default = true)
If setting is set to FALSE, then the IP whitelist entries without associated login attempts are not shown (for example: IP whitelist entries (active/inactive) that were never used or IP whitelist entries with login attempts that fall outside of the provided filter range)

Sample RDL template files
  • this RDL template file displays all IP Whitelists grouped by IP address/Netmask: LoginAttemptAuditPerIPWhitelist.rdl
  • this RDL template file displays 2 tablix which can export to Excel with each tablix to a different sheet (download here: LoginAttemptAuditPerDeviceAndIPWhitelist.rdl). The 2 tablix contain:
    • all device authorization grouped by device authorization (needs  Device Authorizations query)
    • all IP whitelists grouped by IP address/Netmask (needs IP Whitelist query)

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