How to handle pre-payments / deposits


Clients using pre-payments, where they already wire transfer an amount of money to the FBO or accounts department before the actual handling takes place.

Below is described how to use and setup pre-payments in FBO One.

How to handle pre-payments / deposits

  • Once the order is created, the pre-payment can be added. To do so, select 'Take payment'
  • Select the 'PRE-PAYMENT' form of payment
  • Select 'Offline payment succeeded'
  • Click 'OK'

  • Enter the pre-paid amount already received
  • In the Remarks box a remark can be added with information about when the pre-payment has been received
  • Click 'OK'

  • The handling order report is automatically opened upon clicking OK
  • Under Payment receipts the pre-payment is now visible, including the remark added

  • In the order screen the pre-payment is now also visible


A pre-payment is considered a direct form of payment: The client directly wire transfers an amount of money to the FBO's account. To be able to use a pre-payment, it must be set up as a form of payment.

To add a new form of payment, go to Administration -> Backoffice -> Forms of payment. Once on the page, select 'Add new'.

The following fields should be taken into account:

Short name: Shown to the FBO One user, clearly indicate this is a pre-payment.

Description: Add a clear description about the pre-payment.

Name on invoice: Add a clear name on the invoice, indicating it is a pre-paid amount.

Credit type: Set Direct Payment

All other fields can be adjusted according to your needs.