Filter by Services

By default, the Handlings / Movements Ops Planboards do not contain a field allowing for filter by services.

When one or more Service filters are added, these can be used to filter for example on specific services or groups of services.

In the below example, just one planboard service filter currently exists for Catering.
When used, the planboard will be filtered to show only Orders with Catering services that are not yet completed 

To add more filters to the Planboard, go to ‘Administration > OPS Service Filters’

Using the first visible 'Add new' button in the top section of this screen, create the filter 'Name'. In the below example, the new filter needs to show Orders containing 'Newspapers & Magazines'.
Next, add the sort index and FBO Location for which the filter will apply.

Note: Where multiple FBO Locations are handled, the filters can be location-specific 

The 'Max hours before ETA' setting may be used to define how many hours before arrival, the service(s) should show when the filter is in use.

Finally, add the necessary product to which the filter should apply. 
In this example the product 'Newspapers & Magazines' is added:

The 'Ignore workflow state' setting (check-box) when checked, will allow the planboard filter to return the given services regardless of whether they are completed or not. By default (setting is un-checked), the filter will show only the Orders for which the given service is not yet completed.

Once saved, the new filter will be available for use from the Planboard: