How to configure administrative surcharges


You want a surcharge over the total order invoice amount, for example a charge of 5% when the order is out-based.

Setting up the order total surcharge

1. Go to Home -> Add product.

2. Assign the following product fields:

  • Description (e.g. Administrative Surcharge)
  • Calculation Priority: 1 instead of 0
    • Explanation: The calculation priority for normal products is normally set to 0. The priority is used by FBO One when calculating the total value of each service in an order. Services with a product with a lower priority value are calculated before services with a higher priority value. Also, the order surcharge calculator will only calculate the surcharge over the services that have products with lower priority than the surcharge product. Therefore you can exclude certain products from being surcharged, by assigning them a priority equal or higher to the priority of the surcharge product.
  • Clear “Show on handling order if price is 0” and “Show on request/confirmation”

3. Bind the product to the Order Surcharge calculator. To do this, find the product page for the surcharge product (step 1) again, click “Edit Product".

  • In the Price Calculator field, select “Order Surcharge”
  • Indicate if the total amount over which the surcharge is taken is the amount incl or excl VAT. For this, in the 'Price calculator settings' field, enter IncludeVat=false for a surcharge over the net payment, such as an administration fee

4. Click 'OK' to create the product

5. Specify how many percent you want to add to the total value of the order. You can specify a different percentage for different criteria. To do this, create one or more price agreements. For example: You want to add a 5% surcharge if the order is out-based, and 0% in all other cases. This requires two price agreements. The first price agreement is to assign 5% in case the order is out-based. The second is to assign 0% if the order is not. To do this, select the “Price agreements” tab

  • Click Add New to enter the first price agreement.
  • For the “Handling station group” select the group for which the surcharge applies. (Note:this group has to be created first in Administration --> Handling station groups. A station group can only station if necessary) 
    Enter the percentage for the surcharge (e.g. 5 to take 5% over the order total). Do not use the price box, as that field in the service will be filled by the calculator so it cannot be used in price agreements.
  • Click Save to save the price agreement.

Add a second price agreement that only has a value of 0 in the Percentage box. This assigns 0% as the default value for the surcharge in case the order does not match the stations in the out-based station group selected by the first price agreement. Do not use the price box, as that field in the service will be filled by the calculator so it cannot be used in price agreements.

6. Make sure that surcharge product is always added to each order automatically. To do this, go to Administration -> Products -> Auto-Add Products. For each type of order (or Workflow) to which the surcharge applies, add a line containing the ADMINISTRATIVE SURCHARGE to the list.

7. That is all! Review the results by opening an order which uses the form of payment for which you set up the order total surcharge product.

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