Ordering 3rd Party Services via FlightBridge

In addition to receiving Handling Requests, the FlightBridge link may also be used to Order 3rd Party services including:

  • Catering
  • Ground Transport
  • Car Rental 
  • Hotels

This works by opening FlightBridge itself, within FBO One.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Users wishing to benefit from this feature, must first have an account setup with FlightBridge, who will ensure all the FBO details and those of their Suppliers (including contracted service rates) are setup in their system first.

The available services (products) are prefixed by 'FlightBridge' in FBO One:

Direct-Connect & Non Direct Connect Services & Suppliers

Direct Connect Suppliers: In Flight-Bridge, some suppliers are considered 'Direct Connect'. This means that FlightBrodge is able to connect directly with the supplier's reservation system to confirm the Order and obtain a confirmation immediately. This is the case for Hotels and most Rental Car providers (excludes Go Rentals & Sixt)

Non Direct-Connect Suppliers: 
Non Direct-Connect suppliers are those to whom a service request from FlightBridge will be sent as an Email once the request has been entered. This email from FlightBridge will contain a series of links allowing the supplier to update the status of the request and add details such as Confirmation number and e.g. Driver details. This information updated by the supplier will be fed from FlightBridge to FBO One to update the Service status and confirmation details. Non Direct Connect Suppliers currently include Limo providers and Catering suppliers (with the exception of Air Culinaire).

Ordering a Hotel via FlightBridge

Click on the 'FlightBridge Hotel' product.

FlightBridge will begin opening from FBO One:

An Iframe will open in which FlightBridge is shown.
To increase the width, use the ‘make wider’ button in FBO One:

Enter the Names required for the booking, and use the ‘Add another Room’ button to add the necessary amount of rooms. Crew names may also be auto-populated from the Crew/Pax tab if they have already been added.
Click on ‘Book Rooms’ to proceed.

A list of available room types and rates will appear. Select the required rate and room type.

When the FBO has negotiated rates with the a listed hotel, the hotel will be highlighted and the tag 'Discounted Rate Available' will show:

Underneath each Hotel name, there will be an indicator to say whether Rooms are available or may be available.
There are 3 possible options:

  • Begin Booking: This indicates that Rooms are available and that a booking can be made
  • Check Now / Rooms may be available: Indicates that rooms are likely not available, but a check will be made to see if there are
  • No Rooms Available: Hotel is Fully Booked and no reservation can be made

In the next screen, a list of available rates will be available for selection.
When the FBO has negotiated rates with the selected hotel, these rates will be highlighted. Standard rates will also be available for different room types and conditions:

In some cases, a Credit Card may be required for booking (depends on hotel booking conditions). 
NOTE: When in test mode, the card number 4111-1111-1111-1111 may be used as a test card if a credit card must be entered.

To the bottom right of the screen the Cancellation Policy, rooms and total will be shown. Use 'Complete Booking' to finalise the reservation(s):

Once the booking is completed, the following screen will show to confirm the rooms are booked.
Use the 'Close Flight Bridge' button to close the Iframe:

Bookings will take approx 30-seconds to appear on the order.
To make this happen quicker, use the 'Sync with FlightBridge' option:


Should the reservations require modification or cancellation, use the 'change hotel booking' button, to re-open the FlightBridge Iframe and submit the changes.
These changes will be updated in FBO One approximately 30-seconds after the Iframe is closed following modifications:

Ordering a Rental Car via FlightBridge

Select the 'FlightBridge Car Rental' product and wait for the Iframe to open.
The pick-up/return dates will mirror the arrival/departure dates from the Order in FBO One. These can be modified if required.

Use 'Select vehicle' to view available vehicles, make a selection, then 'Close'

The chosen vehicle and price will be added to the reservation.
Click 'Create Reservation(s)' to complete the booking, and allow up to 30-seconds for the reservation to appear on the FBO One Order.

Ordering Catering via FlightBridge

Select the 'FlightBridge Catering' product to open the Iframe.

'Select' the required Catering supplier:

In the next screen, enter the Catering order details (fields may vary depending on the Catering supplier).
When complete, click on 'Submit request to vendor', to complete the order.

Allow up to 30-seconds for the Catering to appear on the FBO One Order.
The Order can be changed or cancelled within FlightBridge using the 'Change Catering Order' button.
The 'edit service' option will expand the order details within FBO One for information purposes only

Ordering a Car Service via FlightBridge

Select the 'FlightBridge Car Service' product and the Iframe will open.
Choose the required supplier using the 'select' button:

Select the vehicle type, number of pax and payment method. Then add the Lead Pax name and pick-up location. The pick-up date and time can be updated here also.
Once complete, click 'Submit request to vendor' to complete the booking

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