Applying for a CFMU-Eurocontrol Certificate (Initial Application & Renewal)

In Order for FBO One to receive flight updates from CFMU-Eurocontrol, the FBO One User must first have a valid CFMU Certificate.

The application form is available online, via the below link: 

The following steps should be followed in order for the application to be submitted correctly:

  • CCID: Leave blank for new application (add for a renewal)
  • Organization Name: Your ground handling company 
  • Type: Handling Agent 
  • Sub type: Ground Handling 
  • AFTN Address: only if your company has a AFTN address, fill in else NONE or blank 
  • Sita Address: fill in or else NONE or blank 

  • Organization details: Your ground handling company details. 
  • National Registration number: Your company’s trade number (not mandatory) 

  • Contact details: your contact details (contact person - FBO One User, usually FBO Manager or similar)

  • Purpose of request
    The following text should be added: "We request a certificate for OPS access to the B2B Flight Management Web Service, without capabilities to submit a Flight Plan. We will delegate access to Amsterdam Software. Purpose for this access is for monitoring flights handled by our ground handling company only using the industry standard FBO One ground handling software by Amsterdam Software. We do not intend to develop applications and use PREOPS" 

    NOTE: For Renewals, the purpose should read 'certificate renewal with CFSP Amsterdam SW'

  • Service type: tick NM B2B only & select Ground Handling Agents Package

  • Security Question & Answer:
    Add a question and answer and make note of both.
    These will be requested by Eurocontrol to activate the certificate once received:

  • Confirmation: Tick the box 

Once the application has been submitted, an automatic acknowledgement email will be sent to the address provided in the application.
The application/renewal process can take up to 4-weeks. For new applications, a 'Delegation Form' will be sent to the applicant via email within 4-weeks. This should be filled out, signed and forwarded to Amsterdam Software for counter-signature. Once both signature are obtained, the applicant must return the form in response to the initial email.

For both new applications and renewals, whereby management has been delegated to Amsterdam Software, it will be Amsterdam Software who receive the certificates.
Upon receipt, Amsterdam Software must call Eurocontrol and will be asked to provide the following:

  • Security Q&A
  • CCR Number shown in the certificate email

The Certificate will then be activated and installed by Amsterdam Software.
Once installed, CFMU Updates should start appearing on the planboard against flight orders.
For more information on this see our manual page: CFMU Link

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