How to add Invoice Supporting documents to Handling Orders

In some cases, it's necessary to attach supporting documents to an Invoice when sending via email from FBO One.
When this is the case, bulletin board attachments can now be sent along with the Invoice email.

Within an Order, create the bulletin board message as usual.
Under the section 'Upload a new attachment', is a check-box labeled 'Attach new attachment to invoice', this should be checked in order to attach the document when sending the Invoice:

Once attached the bulletin board message will show with a $ sign next to the attachment to indicate that this attachment should be sent with the Invoice:

In the 'Send Invoice by Email' screen, the attachment will show. The check-box is available to un-check also in case the attachment should no longer be sent:

Labeling an attachment as 'To be attached to invoice' when using the How to Email to Order feature

When sending an Email to Order with an attachment that should be sent along with the Invoice, a $ sign should be contained in the email subject, along with the usual Order key:

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