Preset OPS Filters

The Handlings and Movements pages can be filtered by using the search filters at the top of the screen. 

These filters can be saved, and users can be assigned a default filter that is applied when they first login or when they reset their search.

Creating named (preset) filters

Choose "Save Filter" from the dotted "..." menu:

This displays the Save search filter dialog box:

Selecting a named filter

Once at least one filter has been saved, all users will be presented with a "Preset Filter" selection field. Here they can pick and apply the filter.


To reset all filter fields and to display all orders, select the blank first item from the Preset Filter drop down box.

Assigning a default filter per user

Choose 'OPS Default Filter per User/Fbo' in the dotted menu (See screenshot at the top of this page). This page can also be accessed via the menu Administration > OPS Screen > OPS Default Filter per User/Fbo.

Regular users cannot select their own default filters; a power user with the proper permissions should do this for them.


To manage saved filters and to assign per-user defaults, you need to be authorized on the ‘FrontOfficeOrder | Administration’ permission. This can be setup in Administration | Authorization. Users that don't have this permission, can only use the filters.

To restrict use of saved filters to certain roles, use the "OPS Filter Access" command in the dotted menu in the OPS Search, or in the Administration page.

Updating OPS Filters

To change a filter, update the filter in the Handlings page, then save the filter again and re-enter its name in the Save dialog. Please be aware that the filter could be used by other users as well. Replacing an existing filter will affect those users as well.

Removing OPS Filters

To view the list of OPS filters, and to optionally delete unused filters, choose "Preset OPS Filters" in the dotted menu (See screenshot at the top of this page). This page is also in the menu Administration | Preset OPS Filters.