Override Font-Family in PDF reports

FBO One allows users to override the default Font-Family which is applied to text in PDF reports per Administration

This functionality is useful for users who need to print text with special characters like Chinese/Japanese characters which by default text will not be visible in the PDF report.

Default value:

font-family :  Microsoft Sans Serif (does not support East Asia Characters)

Supported Fonts:

font-family: Arial Unicode MS

  • more fonts will be supported in the future versions of FBO One

Steps for setting font-family:

In order to change the default, one should do the following:

  1. Navigate to Administration -> Backoffice/Administrations
  2. Click Edit and scroll down to 'Pdf Reports Font-family'
  3. Enter one of the supported font-families  


  4. Go to an order and regenerating a report. This should reflect your changes.
    Note:  This doesn't apply to reports that are stored in the database and not regenerated each time at download time. This is the case of Invoices and Payment Receipts.