FBO Network (Glossary)

FBO One can be used by independent, single FBO's as well as by companies or joint ventures that operate multiple FBOs. If your business operates more than one FBO, these FBO's are considered an FBO Network.

The advantage of using FBO One for a FBO network, is that all FBO's share a common customer database, so all information about the networks customers, their preferences, their aircraft and their history is known when servicing the client.

FBO One also has powerful reporting capabilities, that allow you to create movement and revenue statistics for an FBO or the FBO Network.  

In FBO One, each FBO is assigned to an Administration. The FBO represents the front office operations at a single airport (station), and the Administration represents the back office where the sales invoicing for that FBO is handled. An Administration can have multiple FBO's linked to it.

FBO One has authorization features to allow staff members access to view or update data by FBO location, and by Administration.

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