How to create a supplier & link them to a product

In order to add a Supplier to a Product, the Organisation must first be created.

This can be done in one of 2-ways

  1. Via the menu Create New Record option using the 'Add Organization' button

  2. Directly from within the Product page by clicking 'Add Supplier'

Either of the above links will open the 'Add Organization' page in a new tab:

  • Enter the name of the Organization in full followed by a 'Short Name'. The short name will be the name which displays within the FBO One screens.
  • In the 'Type of Contact' section, check 'Supplier', this will allow the organization to be linked to products
  • Proceed to complete the contact fields with as much information as is available. Fields such as address and telephone number and email addresses carry essential information for both for the billing and ops departments. As a general rule the fields 'Email 1' and 'Telephone 1' are used for Ops contacts; 'Email 2' and 'Telephone 2' should be used for billing contacts to avoid confusion.

    NOTE: Filling out the Contact information of all Organizations will allow FBO One to act as a directory for all contacts. There will be no need for additional phone books, paper/excel contact lists as all contact data can be found quickly and easily by searching the contact name  in the search box top right (see below). 

Before clicking OK to Save the Supplier, ensure that an email address is entered if the request for services is to be sent via email to the supplier.

Clicking OK, will save the Supplier data and display the above screen.

Linking a Supplier to a Product:

Again, this can be done in 2-ways:

  • Via the Supplier Page
  1. Click on the products tab
  2. Click the 'Add new' button
  3. Type the name of the Product you the supplier to be linked to
  4. Click 'Add new' to add other Products to the same supplier or 'Save' to end

The Supplier is now linked to the Product

  • Via the Product Page

Use the Search box top right to search for the Product you wish to link Supplier(s) to

  1. Select the Supplier tab
  2. Click 'Add new' to add the supplier(s)
  3. Enter the name of the Supplier which needs to be linked to the product
  4. When you are done, click 'add new' to continue adding suppliers or 'Save' to end

The Supplier and the Product are now linked and the link can be verified in both Product itself, under the Supplier tab, and also in the Supplier under the Products tab.

To remove a Supplier from a product, enter either the product screen or the Supplier screen. For example, to remove the supplier whilst in the product screen, select the 'Suppliers' tab, check the box adjacent to the supplier to be removed, check the 'Confirm delete' box and click delete. The Supplier will remain connected to any other products it may be linked to and will also remain as a Contact within FBO One. 


Other areas worth noting about Suppliers:

  1. The 'Edit Organization' button can be used to re-enter the contact page and change any of the supplier details
  2. Within companies which supply services you may have a few key contact you wish to store, for example for a Limo company you may wish to add drivers names and cell phone numbers. This can be done via the 'Add person' button; a page will be displayed in which you can add as little or as much information about the person as you need. These contacts can be found easily via the search bar top right, simply type in the name you are looking for, or via the 'Persons' tab within the supplier (see 4 below).
  3. The Bulletin board within a supplier can be used to store key information concerning the supplier, documents too can be attached here (for example a short catering menu for a caterer)
  4. In the below example a delivery and an orders contact has been added to a Catering supplier