How to give read only right to another FBO location.

Normally a user can only access orders that belong to his Administration and Location. When a user needs access to see orders of another location for example:

On the operator page you have a tab called ‘Orders’ this tab will show only authorized orders.

When you want to see orders from other locations ‘read only’ you need to follow the next steps.

All authorization is role based, so first need to decide which role should be used for this.

To give the role read only access to another location two steps need to be done:

Step 1: Give the role read only rights for the required FBO location (Go to Administration > Station > FBO Location access) add your required FBO location to the required role and set the checkbox ‘Is read-only’.
(You have already done this).

Step2: Validate the role has access to the administration of the required FBO location (goto Administration > Backoffice > Administration access).
It is possible that the FBO Location belong to the same administration no administration change is needed.