Setting up FlightBridge interface for Third Party Service Ordering

In Order to enable the link between FBO One and FlightBridge, please contact FBO One Support -
We will help you get started and liaise as necessary with both you and FlightBridge.

The process entails some ground-work in order to get the link up and running.

The Setup Process to receive and auto-create Handling Requests in FBO One - See Flight Bridge Link:

  • For this part, the FBO One Support team will liaise with the FBO Contact to enable and sign up for Comms One
    See: /wiki/spaces/MAN/pages/375128079 page for details. From here, the FBO One Support Team will execute Step 1 of the Sign-up process with the help of the FBO
  • Next, we will continue Steps 2 & 3 from the /wiki/spaces/MAN/pages/375128079 setup process
  • Once complete, the link is enabled and we will run a test Order to ensure FBO One is receiving the Handling Requests from FlightBridge. Details on how the FlightBridge Orders are created and managed within FBO One can be found here: Flight Bridge Link

The Setup Process to Order 3rd Party Services via FlightBridge using FBO One - See Ordering 3rd Party Services via FlightBridge:

  • FBO One Support team will email both the FBO Contact and FlightBridge.
  • FlightBridge will send a document for completion by the FBO. This document will request details of 3rd Party suppliers for Hotels, Caterers, Rental Cars and Limousine Services. This form should be completed and returned to the FlightBridge contact email with FBO One support on copy for information purposes.
  • FlightBridge will liaise as necessary with the Suppliers listed in the FBO's document provided and setup accordingly

General Timeline for FlightBridge New Customer Suppliers Setup:

Week 1 - Catering and Ground Transportation Setup
Week 2 - Rental Car Setup
Week 3/4 - Hotels & Discounted Rates Setup

  • FlightBridge will define some suppliers as 'Direct-connect' and others as 'Non-Direct Connect'. '

'Direct-Connect' suppliers are those which allow for 3rd party services to be confirmed immediately. For example, some hotels and some rental car providers are 'direct-connect' with FlightBridge and will allow for reservations to be confirmed during the booking process. Orders will then appear as Confirmed and a reservation number provided immediately

'Non Direct-Connect' suppliers are those to whom a 3rd party service request from FlightBridge will be sent as an Email once the request has been entered. This email will from FlightBridge will contain a series of links allowing the supplier to update the status of the request and add details such as Confirmation number and e.g. Driver details. This information updated by the supplier will be fed from FlightBridge to FBO One to update the Service status and confirmation details

NOTE: Whilst the FlightBridge setup team are setting up Suppliers, the FBO should send the following documentation - FlightBridge - FBO Preferred Catering Provider Booking Guide.pdf / FlightBridge - FBO Preferred Limo Provider Booking Guide.pdfto any Non Direct-Connect Suppliers to inform them that service requests may soon be emailed via FlightBridge. These documents outline to the supplier, how they should confirm and update the status of the service request for the FBO 

  • Once FlightBridge confirms that the provided Suppliers have been setup on their end, FBO One support will do the necessary to activate the new FlightBridge products in FBO One. 3rd Party services may then be Ordered via the FlightBridge link

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