2017 UI: How to enter in one step the quantity, price and remarks for a service

To setup a list of quick add services please read this article.

By default when adding a service to an order, FBO One will add the service first and then it can be edited for further data input. This process works OK for those services that don't require immediate updates after adding. For some services, there is always a need to immediately update after adding. To optimize the number of clicks, this can be done in one step. 

Products can be configured to show the Edit screen on Add so users can update the quantity, price, etc., as below. This applies if the product is set with custom property 'Show edit service on Add Product | true' and if the product is not using a dedicated start transition action screen. In cases where the product is configured with an action screen, FBO One will use that screen instead.

This custom value setting is most useful for products where the price varies and is entered at the same time the product is added to the order.

Example without the custom value set

Search for product

Select product

Product is added to the order without a price

Edit service on order to add quantity, price, etc.

Example with the custom value set

Custom value is set in the product record for applicable locations.

Search for product

Add product

Edit screen opens automatically to add quantity, price, etc.

Product is added to the order with the quantity, price, etc.