Fuel ticket link

Fuel ticket link

FBO One has the possibility to import fuel tickets from electronic meter readers.

Go to Administration > Application > Robots:

In edit mode the robot can be activated:

Veeder Root delivers a client application ‘EMR³ Datalink Program’ onsite at the FBO.

In the EMR management application, specify the FTP server and login details that you have received from FBO One support.

To setup a fbo fuel link you need to go to Admininstation > Application > Fuel ticket importers:

Add a new Fuel Ticket importer

Make sure the importer is active.

The configuration string contains two parameters:

  • Source: the location of the Veeder Root fuel ticket xml file. (ftp server push location)
  • Unitcode: the unit definition of the fuel quantity.

Sample config string:


Note: the user performing this setup is required to have a role authorized on FuelSetup simple command.

The table FuelTicketImporter stores the supported importers

The class name stores the class name e.g. ‘PPPBusLib.VeederRootFuelTicketImporter’
This class should support the interface ‘PPPBusLib.IFuelTicketImporter’.

Every FBO Location can have one or more importers linked.

The PPPRobot ‘FuelTicketImporter’ robot will check the ‘FboLocationFuelTicketImporter’ table for active importers and runs each one when active.