How to create recurring orders and invoices

Administrative things to know about recurring orders

  1. Recurring orders are linked to an Administration. This is the Administration of the currently active FBO location.
  2. The most recent Order for a recurring order, determines the Start/End dates of the next generated order.
  3. A recurring order contains a list of generated (Handling) orders, each with one primary order. They are similar to OTC orders.
  4. Workflows
    1. A default for the recurring order and generated order workflow is automatically setup when FBO One is updated to the June 2019 version.
    2. The default workflows are as follows
  5. The 'Generated order' workflow. 
    1. To generate the 'Generated order workflow' during the upgrade the following logic is applied:
      1. Create a new workflow called 'Generated order workflow'.
      2. Add a Generated state and and Cancelled state.
      3. Copy the transition out of the default back office registered state and apply it to the Generated state. This transition brings the order typically to the 'Approved' or the 'Invoiced' state.
      4. This Registered state is specified in the Administration field 'initial workflow state for orders in the back office'. 
      5. Because the workflow for generated order is generated, you may need to fine tune it.
    2. When generating the first or the next order for any recurring order, the workflow state for the newly generated order is taken from the Administration's 'First workflow state for generated orders' field.