Create scheduled flights

Starting with version 4419, FBO One has the option to create multiple orders based on a schedule.

By enabling this in the Create Order screen the user sees a section where he can specify a date until the flights should be repeated and the days of the week on which the flights should be created.

Required inputs

Besides the regular mandatory fields like Debtor and Registration, scheduled flights require the following:

Aircraft registration: It is a best practice to enter a wildcard registration here, that designates the aircraft type that is used for the flight. (See also How to use a script to setup all Aircraft Types as placeholders for unknown Registrations) Using the question mark as a wildcard designation in the registration code, 

STA/STD fields are mandatory and required in order for the system to be able to compute the next dates of the flight legs.

Flight number fields cannot be left blank. The orders created based on a scheduled will share the same flight number and can be easily identified in the OPS screen.

Repeat until text-box must contain a date, otherwise the system will create a single order.

Repeat on should have at least one day selected.

This results in a range of orders being created.

Setting it up

This option can be enabled by using the configuration string CreateScheduledFlights=true for the workflow start transition of the orders as seen below.

Currently, this setting is supported for Handling orders, arrival only or departure only orders.

As a best practice, you should create a new state 'Scheduled' in the handling order workflow.

You can create a new command in the Create Order screen for creating scheduled flights, by creating an additional start transition for the handling order workflow. Name it 'Create scheduled orders'. The initial state of this transition should be set to the new Scheduled status. 

From scheduled, you can create transitions to Arrived and to Cancelled. The cancelled transition can make use of the DeleteOrder transition. This will allow the user to remove a batch of orders created on the same schedule as the current order. This is very practical in case of a change in schedule, or in case the the orders were not created correctly.

The advantages of this workflow structure are:

  • Regular general aviation handling orders are confirmed to the operator by email using the Handling Confirm action (from requested to confirmed)
  • Scheduled flights are not confirmed by email (from Scheduled to Arrived, so only a movement message is sent upon arrival, but no handling confirmation)
  • Scheduled flights generated in the same range, can be deleted in batch using the DeleteOrder action, whereas general aviation handling orders are not deleted but cancelled and this cancellation can be confirmed by email using the HandlingCancelled workflow action

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