Enable Pax Crew Details In OTC Orders

Allows the use of the passenger and crew names tab in the order screen for orders that do not have a related aircraft handling. Passenger and crew names are typically entered for a handling order, so that immigration and customs forms can be prepared by the FBO for the inbound and outbound crew and passengers.

At some FBO's and lounges, OTC orders can be used for Commercial flight escorts - if this is the case, then it makes sense to enable the Pax and Crew tab in the order screen. 

For example passenger Mr King and family are flying with Emirates. They will use the FBO Lounge, either as they are usually a private flight passenger or that they pay an additional fee to the FBO for the lounge usage. In this event the FBO would be expected to take care of all customs or immigration on behalf of the passenger. This may require a general declaration (Gendec) and other paper work.

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