Handling Confirmation Text Only

Handling confirmation (Glossary)
FBO One sends handling confirmation messages as PDF documents by email to the operator. You can setup the body text of the email message that accompanies the PDF document in the email settings screen. It is also possible to send a text-only version of the handling confirmation, without the PDF attachment. You setup the text-only confirmation here.

It is also possible to automatically attach backup documentation to the handling confirmation email message. Examples of this are a flight chart of the airport, or the FBO price list. It is even possible to send information regarding particular third party services. For example, information about the hotel that was arranged for the crew, and how to reach it.

This action screen sends a confirmation email message without the standard PDF attachment to a list of receivers. This allows Orders to be confirmed without the typical pdf confirmation attached.

A default email template can be defined using email settings in the Administration page. (see below configuration). and additional text can be added to the message before sending it.

Moreover, the email supports any of the Email template variables which FBO One will convert to human readable values just before the email is sent,

This workflow action screen applies to any order workflow.

Configuration steps

  1. Default Email Subject and Default Email Body

These values can be configured per FBO location by setting values for HnConfirmationEmailSubjectTextOnly and HnConfirmationEmailBodyTextOnly

Adding the template here will ensure that any Order workflows using the 'HnConfirmationEmailBodyTextOnly' action screen (Transition actions) will contain this text unless otherwise overridden using a Configuration String (See 2 below)

     2. Workflow configuration

In the configuration string box, the default email body and email subject can be overridden with new values by using the following key words:

Body="your body here"; Subject="your subject here".

This means that for a specific order type or workflow transition, a different template can be applied. 

Note: Both FBO Settings and the configuration string values can contain email template variables which will be translated into human readable values before the system sends the email.

Text Only Confirmations for Home Operator Orders

When the Order workflow is setup so that the Departure is before the arrival (see below setting in Order workflow), the text shown under the setting HnConfirmationEmailBodyTextOnly will be automatically overridden by the text entered under the setting HnHomeOperatorConfirmationEmailBodyTextOnly


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