DeleteOrder action: Deleting orders generated for scheduled flights

Using this workflow transition, users can delete orders from the system. Normally, you would cancel a handling order as opposed to delete it. However, if you have generated a series of flights based on a recurrent schedule, it may be needed to correct or delete all, or some of these generated flights. It is for this scenario that this action screen is designed. If a correction is needed, you can delete the pending flights and then re-create them. 

To use this command, select the 'Delete' command in the order's workflow. Note that to setup this command in the workflow, you can follow the instructions given at the foot of this page.

After clicking the 'Delete' command, the following screen appears. It allows you delete the current order. 

If you tick the box 'Include orders generated with the same schedule', then all orders that are still in the initial workflow state (that is, not yet arrived or departed), will be deleted as well.

Configuration of the Delete command

The regular handling order workflow does not include a Delete transition, only a Cancel transition. To add the 'Delete' transition, go to the Administration | Order Workflows screen. In this screen, you should select the "Handling Order" workflow. You need to add a transition to the state that is used as the initial state for newly created scheduled orders. In the example below, this is the Requested state. In the transition, you select the DeleteOrder action screen. If necessary, repeat the process so that orders in the 'Confirmed' state too can be deleted if necessary. 

The configuration string for this action screen can be used to include | exclude the columns visible in the table with orders to be deleted, by using GridColumns="name_of_column;"