Search by Filter

The ‘Search by’ filter is used in conjunction with the normal open order text search to filter which parts of an order should be searched for.

Tip: Selecting the ‘Crew/Pax Name’ Search By filter allows for searching for crew and passenger names in the current open order list (partial matches will show after 3 characters).

Note: Crew and passenger name search is disabled without the ‘Search by’ filter unless a complete match is made with the first and last name, as shown:

A list of Search by filter categories can be found below:

  • Aircraft Registration/Type: Filter to search by registration and type.

  • Contact: Filter to search by operator/debtor/trip support.

  • Crew/Pax Name: Filter to search by crew/pax names in orders.

  • Order Details: Filter to search by order key, trip number, operator handling number, origin/destination, workflow state, parking position, operator/debtor/trip support.

  • Parking Position: Filter to search by parking position.

  • Product/Supply Number: Filter to search by product name, supplier order number