How to make an aircraft registration inactive


To retain non-invoiced orders showing the correct information and to hide incorrect registration’s from being added in the order screen, the ‘Is active’ flag is available within the Aircraft registration add/edit screen.

Making a registration inactive:

By default, all registrations have the ‘Is active’ field checked. To make a registration inactive the ‘Is active’ field must be unchecked.

The registration code will now change to include _INACTIVE and the ‘Is active' will now show as ‘False’ indicating that the registration can no longer be used to create new orders.

Note: Any active non-invoiced orders will show this code within the order.

The original registration code will now be available for creation.

To view the inactive registration, search in the ‘Quick search/Main Search’. The inactive registration will now show with a grey faded ‘INACTIVE’ status indicating that the registration can no longer be used for order creation.

Note: To reactivate a registration, recheck the ‘Is active’ box. If a new registration exists with the old registration code then it will need to be renamed or made inactive to avoid duplication errors.