2017 UI: Order Third Party Service workflow screen


Ordering third party services will now open the product edit and send within the order in the 2017UI instead of loading a new page to send (classic screens).


Adding new third party products will automatically open and expand the order third party screen within the order’s product area:

Note: Navigating from the order when the service has not yet been ordered will result in the service not sent and added.


To edit an existing third party product, choose the correct service workflow (e.g. ‘Change order') or use the ‘Edit service’ function within the product menu. Both functions, will open and expand the service order for editing and re-sending within the order’s product area.


To cancel a third party service to the supplier by email, choose the ‘Cancel Order’ service workflow. This will open and expand the service within the order for cancellation.

Note: Additional options to force the quantity to 0 (prevent any cancellation charge), and add ‘*Cancelled*’ external remarks to the service (to show on receipt and confirmation) are available. An audit remark to state the reason for cancellation may also be required.

Third party service fields

  1. Delivery date/time: This time should be entered as the date/time of delivery. Note: This time will use the default user time. This may be in UTC or LT.  

  2. Supplier: The catering supplier – select from the drop-down list.

  3. Supplier’s email address:  The supplier’s email address or addresses. These should display automatically from the supplier contact details. If incorrect, first amend the supplier contact details. Add additional email addresses, separated by semi-colons or commas, in the section below if required.

    Note: Ensure the ‘Send supply order email’ box is checked to send the order request.

  4. Add Attachments: Any supporting documents can be attached here. Example: If the order has been received hand-written. Note: Ensure to mention ‘See Attached’ to the ‘Supply Order Contents’ order details section

  5. Supply order contents: In FBO One, default templates for outgoing emails are already set up to ensure correct email formatting. The catering order details should be entered here. Include all details of the order, including any special remarks. Note: Any text between the following symbols ~textexample~ automatically compiles to show specific order data. If data cannot be found, this will render blank in the outgoing email. Note: The default supply order template texts per product can be adjusted by a system administrator if necessary.

  6. Internal / External Remarks: Any remarks for internal use only, should be added to the ‘Internal remarks’ field. The external remarks can be used to inform the customer of the order details. The ‘Supplier’, ‘Delivery Date & Time’ and ‘External remarks’ automatically show on the handling confirmation PDF and on the order screen.