In FBOOne there is an option to activate tracing for a limit of time.
With tracing you can see trace events created by the application.

Tracing data can be used for support and timing analyses.

Before you can download trace data it should be first activated.

Step-by-step guide

Activate tracing

  1. Goto the home admin page:
  2. Click the link 'Start session trace'

    Now you will see a yellow box in right top showing a link 'Show trace data'.

Downloading trace data

You can download the current trace after it is activated from any page.
When you don't see a yellow box in the right top the tracer is not active, goto Activating tracing.

  1. Click on the yellow box link 'Show trace data':
  2. A download box wil shown:
  3. Click te open button to see the current trace log

Stop tracing

  1. To stop tracing go back to the admin page:
  2. After click the 'Stop session trace ....' the yellow box wil disappear, tracing deactivated.


Note: in the yellow box there is a close button, this button is not stopping the tracing but will only hide the yellow box.
The yellow box be back the next roundtrip (page load). 


The tracer will stop when:

  • The session is expired.
  • No trace write event for the last 10 minutes.