How to discount a handling fee for arrival-only or departure-only orders

Question: Our FBO wants to discount their handling fee when they perform an Arrival Only or Departure Only handling. Is there a way to setup a price or a discount based on the Order Workflow?


Price agreements don't select by workflow, but auto-add products do. 

One solution is to create a "HALF HANDLING" product, and use that as the auto-add product for arrival-only and departure only orders as opposed to the regular full "HANDLING" product.

Alternatively, you can use the regular full handling fee product on the arrival only and departure only orders, and apply an extra discount as a separate line item.

Create a "half handling discount" product:

The 'half handling" product needs to be setup as a child of the handling fee product, with the 'Auto add flag' cleared. This is because the decision to auto-add this child-product will be driven by the global auto-add product list.

Place the handling fee and the half-handling discount products on the auto-add list, and filter them on the "Order workflow* field:

For an arrival-only order, this produces the following handling order lines: