VAT in Norway

In Norway, the VAT applies to all domestic flights. 


The VAT rules are:
  • Always charge VAT on all VAT-related services for domestic departures
  • Exempt VAT on all airside VAT-related services for international departures

FBO One can handle these situations by using the Norwegian Vat Calculator which checks the flight destination and decides if VAT should be applied or not. 


To charge VAT based on destination one needs to set up the following:

  1. Create a VAT rule group. A VAT rule group defines which VAT calculation rules apply. For Norway (or any country with similar rules), the Norwegian VAT calculator should be selected.

  2. Indicate in the calculator settings, which Station Group name defines all the domestic stations. (in this example, a station group exists which contains all Norwegian stations )
  3. Set VAT codes
  4. Set VAT to products