Norwegian VAT Calculator


Norwegian VAT Calculator will automatically apply VAT for any domestic flight.
When the flight is international, only Landside VAT related services will be charged with VAT.

This is done by specifying in the VAT Rule Group, the setting 'DomesticStationGroupName=NameOfGroup'
eg: 'DomesticStationGroupName=Norway' where Norway is the name of the group with all stations inside Norway.

In case the order doesn't have a destination specified, VAT will be charged !

The calculator result can be ignored using custom values to force/exempt VAT charges.

In order to override the VAT charges the following steps have to be made:

  1. Create Custom Property with code 'Override VAT' and add two custom values 'Force Charge VAT' and 'Force Exempt VAT' as below.
  2. Link the custom property to the Order

  3. When the VAT result needs to be overridden, in edit Order screen, the user should be able to select one of the two custom values.