How to rectify the order in which a Product appears - Sort Index

It is possible to control the order in which products and service are displayed on the invoice and on the screen.

To show how this is controlled an example is provided in this article.

In the screen shot below, no particular order has been defined and the GPU service appears between Water and Toilet Services. We are changing this so that the GPU service is displayed first.

Step-by-step guide

Product modification can only be done by a user with the necessary authorizations.

To begin, go to Menu > Administration

Next, use the search box top left, to locate 'Products'. Clicking on this will display all products

Depending on whether or not FBO One manages multiple locations for your company, use the 'FBO Location' filter to narrow down or extend the list of products you wish to see. In this case we will work on FBO location KHOU. Selecting the blank option will show Products for all locations.

Now you can review the sort index across all products:

These numbers govern the order in which each product appears on the handling order, the invoice and on screen. The lower the number the higher up it will appear and vice-versa. It is advisable to leave a large enough gap between numbers, so that if/when new products are added, they can be inserted in the desired order.

In the above example, we can see that GPU, Toilet & Water all have the same Sort Index Number of 2001. This means that they should all appear together on an order; however, during an update Water may then appear above Toilet as the system considers that each of these products can appear in any order whilst maintaining their index of 2001.

To ensure this does not happen, decide in which order the three products should appear and provide them with three numbers close together. In this case, as long as the numbers remain between 1030 (Weather) and 2421 (Taxi) then they will still appear together.

Use the 'Edit' button adjacent to each concerned product, and update the Sort Index

Upon clicking 'Save' we can now see that 'Toilet' appears below GPU and Water, whilst still leaving a little room for manoeuvre should new products need to be added in between.

NOTE: If FBO One manages several of your locations, modifying the sort index will impact all locations.

'Water' was then assigned the Sort index 2005, and the Order is now correct:


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