How to Update the Fuel Price (Monthly / Weekly etc.)

Many FBO's who sell Fuel will update the Fuel price periodically, often Monthly or Weekly.

This page outlines how this should be done.

Different FBO's sell fuel in different ways and often the final sale price is made up of various other costs / taxes. 

Step-by-Step Guide:

In this Example, the final Fuel Sale price comprises the following elements and the Purchase price changes month on month:

  • Purchase Price
  • Margin
  • Airport Fuel Taxes

Within FBO One, the Fuel presents as follows in the Order screen:

The Unit Price is shown adjacent to the Group product and is a total of the Child products below it

Use the Search Box top right to locate the Fuel Product for which the price should be updated; In this case the 'Fuel Purchase Price' is to be updated.

Then access the 'Price Agreements' tab to view any active Price agreements. Checking the box 'Show expired price agreements' will show any previous price agreements that are no longer valid.

In this case we can see that the only valid fuel sale price is currently in effect for sales before 01-Mar-14 meaning that as of 01-Mar-14 there will be no price set for the purchase price if this is not updated.

Use the 'Add new' button to add your new 'Fuel Purchase Price'

This time, ensure there is a 'valid from' date set, this will ensure that the new price agreement takes effect as of this date. Adding the 'Valid before' date will again expire the price agreement as indicated

In the 'Price' field add the new price and click 'Save'


The new Fuel price is now set and will take effect 01-Mar-14.

The margin and taxes in this case have not been altered as these are are fixed for the foreseen future.