How to re-issue an invoice after it has been deleted


I just generated invoice 1000069 but I realized that I made a mistake when setting the invoice date. It should have been Feb 28 instead of March 1. The invoice was not yet sent, so I deleted it to regenerate another invoice, but I can't find the orders anymore that were on the invoice.


The orders that were on the deleted invoice can be seen in the order's log. To look up the deleted invoice, go to deleted invoices:

Look in the log of the invoice to see the order numbers:

Now that we know the order numbers, we can lookup an order by searching for it in the search box

Click on the order in the search box brings us to order. In the order screen, we can see the current workflow state of the order. In this case it is 'Front office file approved'. When deleting an invoice, the orders on that invoice are reset to the first state of the back office order workflow. Typically, this is the Registered state. If the workflow has been reconfigured that make it shorter, it can be a different state.

Now we can find and re-invoice the orders. 

The best way for that is to go the back office page, and search for all orders that are in the 'front office file approved' state.