Manage Cards on File


For convenience, credit card information is stored "on file" for future use as part of the normal online payment process. The information is stored securely. The full credit card number is not stored or viewable in FBO One. The card numbers are safely stored in the gateway vault, and a special token representing the card number is returned to FBO One. Subsequent charges or refunds are handled through the passing of the token. 

It is also possible to add or remove cards on file outside of the online payment process.

Authorize Users to Manage Cards on File

Adding, removing, and managing cards on file outside of the payment process is done by users with roles that have been authorized for the various tasks.

To set the authorizations, go to Menu / Administration / Security / Authorization. Search for "card".  

Click the "edit below" link. Select a Role. Check the boxes to indicate allowed card management actions for the role.

 In the example below, users with different roles (ACC, ADMIN, MGT, OPS) have been allowed different levels of access to cards on file.

Credit cards may be connected to specific aircraft. These cards are managed on the individual Aircraft Registration screen.

Cards may be connected to an operator for general use. These cards are managed on the Operator screen.

Add a Card on File

To add a card, locate the Cards on File tab and click the link.

Adding the card will use the same Swipe Card screen that is seen when taking a payment.

Once the card information has been saved, a record of the card is shown at the bottom of the Cards on File section.

Edit a Card on File

To edit a card, use the Edit link in the Cards on File section.

The Alias can be changed. By default, the alias is the last 4 digits of the card number. Alias could be used as a nickname for the card if the customer has multiple cards for different uses.

Multiple email addresses can be used in the Payment receipt recipients field; separate each by a semi-colon (;).

Remove a Card on File  

To remove a card completely from FBO One and AHT's vault, use the Remove link in the Cards on File section. The card information can not be recovered once removed.

Fetch / Validate a Card on File

The Fetch link in the Cards on File section may be used to confirm that the card is still active / valid. Cards may become inactive due to expiration, or invalid for other reasons.

Disable Card on File

In some cases, customers may request that their credit card information not be stored. Also, credit card information should never be stored on file for a specially created customer that is used to process one-time over the counter orders for multiple operators and aircraft.

When required, card on file storage can be blocked for a specific operator or aircraft. This option is found on the Edit Contact or Edit Registration page.

If "Disable keeping payment cards on file" is checked in the operator record, credit card information will not be stored for future use, regardless of storage options selected during the payment process.

If "Disable keeping payment cards on file" is checked in the registration record, credit card information will not be stored for future use for the specific aircraft. Setting the block for one aircraft does not affect storage of card information for the other aircraft in the operator's fleet.