How to set credit terms for handling (Contracts)

Many FBO's assign credit to regular or well paying clients.

This ensures that any Aircraft belonging to this debtor may depart without payment, and that an invoice be sent following departure or, in some cases on a weekly or monthly basis.

Within FBO One we can choose to show an alert for orders which should be paid before departure.

Any orders not displaying this icon are a signal to Ops that the Aircraft may depart without payment.

The 'needs payment' alerts show on both the planboard and within the order, when payment is required:


In the above example, no credit has been assigned to the debtor and therefore a payment should be taken prior to departure.

The credit terms will usually be assigned by senior members of back-office staff or management who have a better overview of contracted terms and payments being made.

Access to contracts may therefore be restricted to a selected number of staff to reduce the risk of error.

Credit terms are assigned to a debtor under the 'contracts' tab of the contact page:

  1. Use the 'add new' button to begin assigning the credit terms
  2. Ensure the 'administration' and 'debtor' are correct
  3. Enter the credit term in days
  4. Check this box if you would prefer not to show contracted rates on the operator's copy of the handling order
  5. Enter a review date for these terms

Click Save when done

The Credit terms have now been assigned to the debtor and will appear as follows:

The 'edit' button can be used to modify the terms as and when it is necessary

The check the boxes adjacent to the credit term + 'confirm delete' then 'delete' to remove the credit terms.

Once the credit terms are in effect the order and planboard will no longer display the 'needs payment' icons