Domestic Danish VAT


When the Domestic Danish VAT Calculator is configured, it will automatically select to apply or exempt VAT based on if the flight origin and destination, with exceptions to valid AOC holders.

The VAT codes to be applied will be dictated by the product settings.


To Configure the VAT calculator, the following steps have to be made

1. Create ''VAT Rule Group" for the applicable Administration

  • Select the "Domestic Danish VAT Calculator" as the "VAT Calculator"

  • Set the station group to be based as “domestic” in the “VAT calculator settings”
    e.g DomesticStationGroupName=Denmark
    Additional settings include IsDomestic=Both (default) ArrivalOnly, DepartureOnly or Both

  • "Default VAT-payment-type for debtors" should be set  to "Controlled by VAT calculator


2. Create the station group used in the calculator

  • Create a station group to define which country is considered “Domestic”.
    Note: This may also be used to exclude a number of stations from a given country

3. Create VAT codes

  • Create two VAT codes, when not already there

    • VAT 20%

    • VAT 0%

  • Assign to the administration the VAT rule group=“Danish VAT”


  • Assign the VAT code for airside VAT exemptions to your 0% rate


  • Assign the relevant VAT codes to each product via the 'Edit this product’ page