ClientNotificationService transition

This action screen can be used for sending email messages to the debtor/operator on service workflow transitions.

It can be used for example to:

  • Send a message to a customer upon the completion of a service, such as aircraft maintenance.
  • Send a custom handling confirmation.
    In the example below, depending on the preferred language of the customer, a French-language or an English language confirmation service is auto-added to the order.


The template text for the body of the email is setup in the product's template text.

The subject is taken from the application setting ClientNotificationServiceEmailSubject.

Configuration string (to be set in the service workflow state transition)

Subject. If specified, this overrides the value specified in the application setting ClientNotificationServiceEmailSubject.

Body. If specified, this overrides the value specified in the product supply order template.

Using a Custom Layout for the Client Notification Email

In the below example, a Thank You note has been compiled using a custom email layout:

In Order for this layout to referenced with the ClientNotification transition, it must be referenced within the Configuration String:

Within the EmailLayout, the ~emailbody~ variable must be inserted also: