Processing Fuel Orders in the Front Office

On this page we will look at how the front office can process fuel tickets imported by Veeder Root.


Bangor Airport, Maine manage handling and fuel for both Private and commercial flights. We will use their setup as an example.

Adding fuel to an order

When orders are created, the Fuel product can be setup to automatically add to an order. 

A workflow is added to the fuel product to track the fuelling progress. Fuel can be set to 'not required' if an uplift is not made.

In some cases, the order may automatically split into two parts. This occurs when Fuel and Handling are billed to separate Debtors.

These agreements will be setup by the back office and should not require any changes to be made.

Once a flight arrives and the aircraft has been fuelled, the fuel ticket will be imported from Veeder route in the fuel trucks.

These tickets should then be manually linked to the correct flights.

 A prompt is visible on the Ops screen to encourage users to link the fuel tickets as and when they are imported. The 6 latest fuel tickets are visible.

Linking a fuel ticket to an order

In order to link an imported Fuel ticket, the flight/order should first be created within FBO One.

Go to the order to which the ticket should be linked – the tail numbers for each of the most recent imported tickets are shown on the ‘top 6 unassigned tickets’ list:


Imported tickets can also be found in the Fuel screen:

On the relevant order, use the ‘Enter Complete Ticket’ option to assign the completed fuel uplift to the order:

The next screen will display blank fields until the tail number or ticket number is entered into the first field:


Allow FBO One to search, once the ticket is found the necessary details will fill out automatically using the data from the fuel ticket:

Click OK to finish. The ticket has now been assigned to the order:

If nothing else needs to be added to the Fuel order, this can be registered so that it is no longer pending in the front office.

If the fuel is part of the Handling order, the order can be registered only once the A/C has departed and all services are completed.

It is good practice to register a Fuel Sales order which is attached to a Handling order, only once the A/C has departed. This will ensure the Fuel Sales order remains open in case the A/C makes an additional Fuel uplift/transfer.

Assigning multiple fuel tickets to an order

In some cases, more than one fuel ticket will have been imported for an aircraft, indicating that more than one fuel uplift/transfer has been made. 

Only one uplift service is added by default to each order, therefore an additional service should be added to link each subsequent ticket.

Use the add service drop-down menu to add a Jet A or Avgas Uplift for each additional Uplift, then link the ticket(s) as usual.

Fuel Top-Offs in GA:

When smaller aircraft make short flights then return to the FBO, they often request Fuel to be to be topped-off before the A/C is put away.

In this case an order should be created so that the Fuel sale can be recorded and paid for.


11.2 USG of Avgas were sold to N185ND.

The fuel ticket appears on the unassigned tickets list, but the fuel ticket cannot be assigned or paid for as the order has not been created.

It is always good practice to create the flight as a handling order even for minor rotations. Creating the flight within FBO One and recording the movements will allow Management to obtain accurate reports and statistics from FBO One.

If for any reason the flight rotation is unknown, an uplift only order can be created.

In this case use the ‘Create order’ menu to create a standalone fuel order.

Use the ‘Avgas Uplift’ option for Avgas sales and ‘New Jet A uplift’ for Jet A sales.

For this example an Avgas Uplift has been selected.

There are 2 mandatory fields that should be filled out on this type of order:

  • Aircraft Registration
  • Debtor

If the aircraft registration is unknown this should be created as usual, using the 'add registration' page.

If the Debtor is unknown when the order is being created, this can be added/created when the payment is being taken via the 'add organization' page.

In some cases the Operator and Debtor may be the aircraft owner e.g. Mr XYZ. In this case the organisation that is created will be Mr XYZ and the aircraft can be linked to the owner (organization). 

Once the necessary fields have been filled out, click OK to create the Uplift order.

The fuel ticket can now be linked to the order as usual.

At the time of payment be sure to update the Debtor and Operator name if these were previously unknown.

Entering Partial Fuel Tickets

If for any reason the fuel ticket has not been imported, a partial fuel ticket can be recorded. 

This will allow for payment to be taken even before the fuel ticket is received.

In this screen enter the quantity uplifted and any other data available.

The quantity now appears on the order and pricing has been calculated

The complete ticket can be entered once it becomes available.

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